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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 21, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> hey. >> dude confronts a furry intruder. >> that's not a dog. >> what has this bear fighting tooth and nail. >> hey! >> oh! watching a little brother thrilled to see his sister has people -- >> just going, thank you. >> the story behind the videos making the whole world smile. >> hi. bucket list dreams, but these two did it. >> a tandem bicycle. pretty cool. >> now meet the brave couple who survived a grand adventure to cross america. >> a hundred days is a long
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time. did you ever face that moment where you were sick and tired of staring at his back? >> there was a hundred days straight, actually. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a toddler distracted by a fine man. >> elsa. >> the little one who knows what she likes. >> she's like hey, daddy. not you, daddy. there you see him working on his car. but notice there's somebody coming across the street or something. and that's not a dog. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh. >> this is the most canadian of videos. >> right? >> i thought he was going to close the garage, but what does everybody do now a days? he picked up his phone. >> goodness me. just straight to snapchat. >> backs up and the bear decides to walk in like goldilocks. >> that's when you have to wake up and bang the pots and pans
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and scare the bear away. >> oh! >> say what? >> how would you like to see it from ben's angle? >> hey. >> every time. >> i would have been out. >> yeah. i wouldn't have gone back. >> hey hey hey hey. >> see, this is a typical guy right here. y'all are about the garage. >> there's good stuff in there. >> he found some good stuff. there you see him walking away. with the bag of trash like he got takeout. but the good thing is ben was unharmed. i can't say that much about his ladder kevin burton got this video and let's just say he's got a few too many goats aeninging around. >> there's like 40 million goats here. >> 40 million may be a stretch, but there are a lot of goats. >> they have decided they're taking over the bridge. >> he's about to have a standoff. >> yeah. you're going to lose. >> that's a way to get your
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behind handed to you. >> it's a standoff, y'all. >> all this tension. what's going to happen? >> guys, you got to turn around. there we go. >> and it does. >> was this in canada too? >> good boy. i feel like the entire world needs to be cheered up. i have the video to do it. >> what you're seeing is a compilation put together by jess. she's david's sister. she was sitting in college feeling a little bit bummed about the fact she didn't think she was going to meet him off
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the bus anymore because he's starting high school. she put together a compilation of these moments. threw it up on twitter where it just detonated. because as you're watching it, you cannot help but smile and get goose bumps because it's just wonderful. just immediately goes into these bear hugs. it's just caught light on twitter. hundreds of thousands of retweets and likes. so many comments of people going, thank you. i needed that. i'm absolutely thrilled to see that live "right this minute" via skype we have jess and mom cindy. welcome to the show. >> hello. >> jess, this svideo is so wonderful. tell us about when you put it together and why. >> i realized that he's in high school now and i sadly will not be able to get him off the bus anywhere. i started looking at videos and tweeted it like maybe this will
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make someone's day. reaction.enough, it got quite a >> he loves his sister. >> we can tell. cindy, tell us what it's been like how jess has been helping with david. >> it just makes me really proud to have such a great young lady who has done nothing but embrace him as a little brother his whole life. >> oh oh oh oh. >> he has the video pulled up. >> okay. there's been a couple more videos, has there not? >> when i came home on tuesday, i was like, well, these people like soit so much. so here's a little update. >> hi. >> people have been reacting the same way as with the first one. >> are you going to feel a tiny bit jealous when he greets
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another special girl that day? >> i don't think i can let another special girl in. hopefully no one will ever top the way that he los me right now. >> honestly we can see the love coming through the screen right now. jess, david, cindy, thank you for cheering us up. >> good-bye! we've seen situations like this before. this man is lucky he didn't get hurt. there he is driving up under that bridge. >> you little jerk face. oh, gosh. let me at him. >> looks like a kid. >> it usually is. just some person that doesn't think of the consequences of their actions. >> this boy is part of a bigger group of boys that's been doing this very thing. lucky for this driver, he did not hit the window. instead hit the roof and the driver pulled to the side. >> you would have seen me charging up that hill. >> that's the thing. the driver disappe-- he zpooefd
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when the driver got out of the car. the woman in the next video gets after it. she is not amused. there's a mercedes blocking her car in and it's gone. she backs up into the mercedes and does it again. >> meanwhile there are people on bikes and scooters trying to go by. doesn't care about them at all. >> nope. initially you see the two fellas trying to stop her. now other people coming out of the building like stop. she's like, it's good. i'm done. gets out of the car, charges back inside. >> what's this got to do with? she was blocked in or she was angry with something? >> there was no word on what happened prior to this. all we see is the mercedes blocking her. she was mad and that's how she decided to handle it. i need your help deciding whether this would be easier to do than bungee jumping or harder. you ever find yourself in
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queenstown, ngew england, you my want to try this swing. they hang you out there in the air. nothing beneath your feet and count down. >> are you ready? go in three, two, one. >> that's not what i thought wuss going to happen. >> it is huge. a 984-foot arc. a 394-foot rope length. 525 feet bv that river bottom. hits speeds of 75 miles per hour. >> it would be fun to jump off at the end like when swinging at the playground. >> i would say i would do this more than bungee jumping. >> yeah. with bungee jumping, you have to jump. in this case someone just goes, bye. >> here's what it looks like in slow mo when gravity grips your gut. it's this face here where you
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request your decision to do this. >> she questioned everything. >> wow. i thought it was going to swing out to the middle of something and kind of suspend you. not drop you. >> fun. i guess it's all in each individual's perspective. it's not your typical wedding ceremony. >> they wanted to make it official and super special. >> and special it is, my friends. plus, something unusual is about to go down. >> they're going after the snake. they're looking around, kind of doing the whole -- >> but see what it is that they're really after. >> oh! precisely shaped. totally natural. brow precise micro pencil from maybelline new york. just fill with natural hair-like strokes, and blend for precise, natural brows. maybelline's brow precise micro pencil make it happen ♪ maybelline new york
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well, this is a bit of a surprise. we've seen surprise proposals, surprise birthdays, birth surprises, all kinds of surprises. but this one is a surprise wedding for the groom and the bride. >> arranged wedding? what do you mean? >> not arranged. they were planning to get married. you see rachel right there, she works on a movie set. they're working on the movie "12." her fiance at the time, corey, he was working or it too. the producer said, hey, let's surprise them with a wedding. so the lighting crew set all this up. here comes the bride. and there's the groom in the hat. they get on the back of this truck. they're slowly lifted up. guess what. corey's roommate happens to be ordained so he is able to really marry them. gets the ring from the ring bearer. they exchange vows. >> in sickness and in health, in grace at all times.
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>> i do. >> they kiss. >> you may kiss the bride. >> my favorite part of this wedding and christian is going to be so sorry she missed it is the tossing of the bouquet. now, this ring bearer is going to win the adorable award. because he comes to the door to ask this woman a very important question. that little boy is elijah macdonald. he's a neighbor. she adores him. she being caroline or as they call her carrie. >> wait, what? >> will you marry me? >> oh, nice move. >> that is alex. they've been together seven years but he went to her dad saying i'm going to propose. her dad helped him figure this out.
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some wild drama playing out in the urban jungle of bangkok, thailand. there's a pair of geckos eyeing up that golden snake. i know it looks green, but it's called a golden snake. they're going after the snake. they're looking around, kind of doing the whole gecko. >> it looks swollen. has it eaten one of their gecko bellies? >> it looks like there's something in the snake's gecko. so this one gecko starts to creep up, starting nipping at the snake. keeps biting at it. you can see there's clearly something in that snake's throat. but that gecko doesn't give up. gets a good piece of that snake. knocks most of it off the tree. stuck there but only whatever is in its mouth. >> that is a big lump.
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like having a stuffed turkey. >> it can't get the snake to release the death grip. so the guys behind the camera stepped in. watch this. >> oh! >> like give it up, let's go. >> one of their friends was stuck in that snake's mouth. now that poor little guy is looking a very unusual color and is quite lifeless. the snake runs off into the tree. >> you're not going to look the prettiest when you come out of a snake's belly like that. >> that gecko is a tough critter. >> no flipping way. >> you did it. his buddies came to help out and a little nudge by the factory workers, that guy lives to see another day. >> that's what you call ride or die friends right there. 90 days to a new body. >> 90 days, huh? >> yeah. >> that's impressive.
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>> wait until you see where it ends up. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, couples that ride together, stay together. >> this is dan o'neil and his wife jenny. they got on their tandem bike in california and decided to ride it clear across the united states and live that dream that they had always talked about. >> but her favorite part of this journey may surprise you. >> so i see the sign for the vacuum cleaner museum. >> we're going. this this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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travel. we're going to retire and we're going to travel. so few people actually do it. even fewer do it on a tandem bicycle. this is dan o'neil and his wife jenny. they got on their tandem bike in california and decided to ride it clear across the united states and live that dream that they had always talked about. in the case of riding a bicycle especially on a tandem like this, you really start to take in everything around you. the scenery, the sights, the smells. the weather, all of it perfect for a 98-day trip. >> wait. but isn't retirement about sitting at the beach and drinking yourself to sleep every night? >> that could be one of the things. but this trip is also about meeting people as well. boy, did they meet some interesting characters. >> we saw a ufo abducted us. >> oh, really? >> oh, my gosh!
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>> but i think one of the coolest moments was when they were in st. louis. they just happened to be in the right place at the right time to experience this. that's the thunder birds. if you notice there, there's also a chase plane getting pictures and video. they even managed to go onto the thunder birds website and get the picture of the planes and in the bottom corner you can see them right there. it was an amazing trip. and dan and jenny are joining us "right this minute" to tell us more about their journey. hey, guys. >> hey. >> what made you guys decide to do this on a tandem bike? >> we got a tandem about seven or eight years ago and started riding it around town and found out we really loved the process of working together. you know, we just decided to do a few smaller tours which we did. then our warm-up tour was from cincy to las vegas. that kind of nailed it for us we would like to do a longer distance together on a tandem. >> he's a little bit faster than i am. instead of meeting at the top of
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the hill, we went up the hill together. >> no matter how i tried, i couldn't get farther ahead. >> tell us about this moment when you guys finally put your toe in the atlantic ocean. >> it was in maine. we were riding through the streets in the morning and there are lots of tourists there. i start screaming and raising my hands on the back, 4500 miles! it was emotional. you know, i got a little choked up. >> just getting there after meeting all the people we'd met and seeing all the sights we saw, it was exhilarating. >> there was one moment in here that looked like it totally sucked. the vacuum cleaners. tell us about that. >> not only was there a vacuum cleaner museum, but we happened to be there on the day they were having a national annual convention of vacuum cleaner collectors. >> what? >> that was, by the way, her favorite moment on the entire thing. >> and i think it might have been. okay, so i do kind ofeav h vacu. i see the sign for the vacuum cleaner museum -- >> we're going.
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we have to say the museum is extremely well done. >> it was cool. >> a hundred days is a long time. jenny, did you ever face that moment where you were sick and tired of staring at his back. >> no. i would still be there if we didn't have responsibilities here back at home. we'd still be going. >> thank you for sharing your travels. it was awesome. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> let's do it again. he's only a toddler, but she knows what she likes. >> dad, i would suggest putting a lock on her door now, today. >> see what it is that takes her breath away. >> that is a fine man! >> she's like hey,
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they grow up they'll know what to do. now, there are some people out there that claim that your personality is essentially set from when you're born. and if that's true, this dad's in right trouble. little elsa here, she's toddling along california. but she suddenly stops. she's distracted. what is she distracted by? >> a fine man. >> look at this as elsa keeps checking that boy out. >> that is a fine man! >> she's like hey, daddy. not you, daddy. >> the only thing that gets her attention back is dad. who called her out for it. >> elsa. >> dad, i would suggest putting a lock on her door now.
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today. >> however, in this next video, i think this mom is going to be just fine. >> sneak up on elijah. he's reading to himself. >> i'm going to sneak up on elijah because he's reading to himself. there he is in the corner. hey, mom. >> hi, hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> okay. >> like your grandpa is in his rocking chair with his newspaper magazine. with the slippers and a pipe. >> can he even walk on his own yet? >> i couldn't tell you. he looks pretty small. but there you go. this is why you read to your kids, ladies and gentlemen. >> and this is the best case scenario when the child is in the room alone. most of the time you come in and there's stuff smeared all over the walls. this case he's just chilling. >> soaking up the knowledge. that's it, that's all. we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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tonight, millions of americans in the path of the eclipse. 99 years since the last total solar eclipse to cross the entire country. from the west coast to the east. [ cheers ] from oregon to idaho, wyoming to nebraska. missouri to illinois. kentucky to tennessee, to south carolina. our team's in all of the states, in small towns, on farms in national parks. americans looking to the sky. and tonight, the massive traffic jams across multiple states. we are in the middle of it. also tonight, the major news. the disaster at sea. another violent collision involving a u.s. naysy ship. ten sailors missing tonight. breaking news. president trump set to address the nation on


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